Commercial Fences

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Chain link Fences

Advantages of Chain link: Less expensive option Galvanized aluminum will not rust Will allow light through Easier installation Provides security Less maintenance Chain link is an excellent choice for yard fences with the intention of keeping pets and children safe. Due to its nature, it really doesn’t provide any privacy, but does provide a decent […]

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A modern fence from Illusion Fence's Instragram Page.

Modern Vinyl Fencing

With all the customization in Steadfast Fence’s offering, it is possible to stay up on the latest 2015 and 2016 fencing trends.  One of these current trends we will be highlighting is the modern look that darker shades of fencing can offer.  As Steadfast’s vinyl offerings include 35 color combinations and 5 realistic wood grains, […]

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A nice looking metal fence.

The Best Fence for You – Steel or Aluminium?

Aluminium and Steel fencing are both great fencing options but are somewhat designed for different purposes.  This article outlines the pros and cons of each type of fencing: Aluminium Fencing Pros: Lightweight Corrosion Proof – Good in the Elements of Central Massachusetts Cheaper than Steel Easily recycled if ever needs to be replaced Cons: Can […]

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Steadfast Fence’s Custom Wood Fence

Here at Steadfast Fence we are proud to offer some of the best custom wooden fences in the industry.  The ability of our customers to pick out the exact styles they want is what separates us from our competitors.  These fences are made out of the finest quality wood that comes from White Cedar trees. […]

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Highly Mobile Steel Fence

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing has been traditionally used at a variety of locations, such as construction sites, large events, parking lots, and emergency relief locations.  What all these locations have in common is a need for security covering a broad area, deterring theft and protecting the people and assets located within the fencing.  At first glance temporary […]

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Using the Fence Design Center to make a privacy fence.

Privacy Fence

Steadfast Fence is proud to give privacy fence shoppers a huge variety of options. Custom dimensions that include fence height of six, eight, or ten feet tall.  Privacy fences are all about function, keeping unwanted eyes off your property; however, a fence is a lifetime purchase and is worth it to have it customized to your […]

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The Fence Customizer platform with 35+ colors and plentiful styles and other options.

Steadfast Fence’s Custom Vinyl Fence

Step 1: Design Your Fence                                            Step 2: Contact Us       Steadfast Fence is proud to offer the highest quality, most customizable vinyl on the market.  Brought to you by our expert in-house […]

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Dog standing up near a fence

Dog Runs and Fenced Kennels

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Pool Fencing

So, you’ve decided that this is the year to get your swimming pool. While budgeting for your new pool, don’t forget about protecting your investment, and your family. In the past 10-15 years emphasis has been placed on regulating and enforcing fence requirements across the country.  Typically, there are three prominent types of fence used […]

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