Here at Steadfast Fence we are proud to offer some of the best custom wooden fences in the industry.  The ability of our customers to pick out the exact styles they want is what separates us from our competitors.  These fences are made out of the finest quality wood that comes from White Cedar trees.  The high quality sourcing of the wood along with our ability to customize your style is what makes this fence so special!  Once you have your design figured out, contact us and lets get to work!

Our wooden fencing is processed at our US facility with excellent hand-made craftsmanship.  Here are the ways you can customize your fence:

  1. Pictures of 7 different toppers for Steadfast's Cedar FenceSolid Panel Styles
  2. Space Picket Styles
  3. Board on Board Fences
  4. Custom Toppers and Frames
  5. Heights Ranging from 3’ to 8’

If topper’s aren’t your style you can choose one of 17 different board styles will surely meet your needs.

Here at Steadfast we can offer various styles of picket fences and lattice panels to augment our already vast selection of solid wooden panels.  Some designs of the lattice panels we offer are shown below:

Lattice fence styles by Steadfast Fence

Feel free to check out our full catalog on wood panel fencing by clicking on the image below.  Steadfast fencing is made to last and is a lifetime purchase.  We will make sure your investment in our cedar fencing meets all your goals and needs. Once you have a design in mind and want to talk and get an estimate, contact us by email or on the phone at 508-347-7722.

Custom Cedar Fencing Brochure



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