The goal for dog runs and dog related fencing is to keep the environment as safe as possible.  Making sure the fence and fence location are secure can be done with the following tips:

  • Make sure on hot days the dog run has access to shade
  • Pick an area that is highly visible
  • Clear the area of any plants or flowers poisonous to dogs
  • If the dog is known for digging the proper fencing can be installed into the ground to make the area even more secure

Dog Run Advice

Determining the size of the dog run will come down to how much space is available and the size of the dog. Giving your dog enough space to properly exercise without ruining the house will be a joy. Making sure the bottom of the dog run is safe to lay is also a priority, grass being a safe solution. Concrete is easy to clean but over time can develop sores on a dog’s legs that lay there.  Several recommendations are clean straw or cedar chips.

Two Dogs inside Dog Run

Steadfast Fence’s Dog Door

One fun feature Steadfast Fence can offer is elevated puppy doors.  These doors work great both for the Northeastern snow and helping keep your loved one inside.  Having these customizable features keep us committed to keeping your dog and wallet safe.  If you are interested in getting your yard properly fenced for your dog feel free to contact us!

A dog door that works great keeping puppies in and for snow.
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