Temporary fencing has been traditionally used at a variety of locations, such as construction sites, large events, parking lots, and emergency relief locations.  What all these locations have in common is a need for security covering a broad area, deterring theft and protecting the people and assets located within the fencing.  At first glance temporary fencing may seem like a simple matter, but there is industry knowledge that goes into every project.  Every temporary fence project is different and should be set up based on the project’s goals and the location.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The Service Area (central MA)

    Steadfast Fence’s Temp Fence Service Area

    Determining the type of temporary fence is a start as there are price and use tradeoffs. Fencing used for security needs to be difficult to climb over, cut, or vandalize.

  • Each temporary fence project needs to set up at least two entrances in case one of them gets blocked by an emergency.  Having the entrance locations be in easily monitored areas increases the area’s overall security.
  • Aesthetics of any fence should be considered especially for a business trying to attract customers.  Poorly placed or low quality fencing can turn customers away that might otherwise shop with your business.

Fencing done poorly can actually negatively inhibit security by creating areas with very low visibility.  Disabling staff and law enforcement from seeing key areas might make certain areas even higher risk.  Poorly placed fencing can potentially attract graffiti or other harmful vandalism.  The many nationwide fencing businesses that outsource their work through affiliates or contract workers might not have the local knowledge that can leave their client’s sites vulnerable to these pitfalls.

Don’t risk leaving your temporary fencing needs in the hands of the many low quality nationwide providers.  Steadfast Fencing can ensure your projects are done well and with all your needs in mind.  Contact us here!

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