Aluminium and Steel fencing are both great fencing options but are somewhat designed for different purposes.  This article outlines the pros and cons of each type of fencing:

Aluminium Fencing


  1. Lightweight
  2. Corrosion Proof – Good in the Elements of Central Massachusetts
  3. Cheaper than Steel
  4. Easily recycled if ever needs to be replaced


  1. Can be bent in impacts

Steel Fencing


  1. Strong, Durable
  2. Long-Lasting
  3. Impact resistant
  4. Great for privacy & security


  1. Can rust, although we coat our fencing with rust resistant finisher
  2. Installation is typically


What is right for you depends on how you value the various pros and cons listed above.  If you live in an area with heavy potential water and salt damage aluminium might be best.  If you are trying to secure machinery or other industrial areas steel fencing might be best.  Here at Steadfast fence we have the expertise and knowledge with both materials.  Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation and a free quote!

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